Have you decided to cancel your nordvpn subscription?  Many others have been down this path!

Paid YouTubers, mainstream review sites that use affiliates links and huge marketing budgets might not always result in a VPN service that is right for you.

VPNBaron would like to congratulate you on the decision to cancel nordvpn and support you through this breakup.

Cancel NordVPN

In order to cancel the vpn subscription and prevent any further invoices from being generated,  you need to:

  1. Login into your nordvpn account
  2. Go to My Services
  3. Locate Private and Secure internet (VPN)
  4. Click on the “…”  button
  5. Select Cancel Automatic Payments

Get your Refund

NordVPN has a refund period of 30 days. If your transaction was made within the 30 days refund period, you can ask for a full refund on their live chat or ticketing system.

Ask them to delete your data

As per GDPR, you can request your data be deleted. To make sure your information is not used for marketing, passed to another company or leaked during some kind of hack, send a request to nord’s customer support to delete your account and all your data. 

1 Month of VPNBaron for $0.5

We at VPNBaron would like to congratulate you for the decision to cancel nordvpn.

If you’re still looking for a VPN Service, use the promo code  CANCEL_NORD to a get month of VPNBaron for $0.5!

We could tell you that our service is PERFECT for YOU and display a HUGE price that is discounted “ONLY TODAY!!“.  But that approach is distasteful and we bet you too are sick of it!

Try VPNBaron and decide for yourself. We’ll think you’ll like it.

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