Find the best VPN for torrents

For a VPN Service be regarded as a good VPN for torrenting, it should have some key features that help the user remain anonymous and allow for good download speeds.  We’re going to go through the most important ones in this guide.

The policy must not restrict P2P

Firstly, it should be stated on the VPN Service’s page that they don’t restrict peer-2-peer traffic. This will ensure that no problems will occur for the user and it won’t have his account terminated and money not refunded because he breached the terms of service.

Just to be sure everything is ok, ask them before making a purchase from the site. If you’re considering our service, the answer is: Yes, we allow P2P and do not restrict traffic in any way.

Bandwidth and Speed

This one is self-explanatory. Torrenting can be bandwidth intensive so having a good VPN connection and unlimited bandwidth is a must. Most VPNs services today, offer decent internet speeds, but sometimes there is throttling going on behind the curtain.

VPNBaron doesn’t restrict traffic in any way, nor does it limit the speed and bandwidth.

It has a KillSwitch

The internet connection has improved very much since its conception, but it is still not perfect. A lot of things happen that are outside our control: power outages, network maintenance, sharks biting the cables beneath the ocean (yes, it did happen).

A torrenting friendly VPN service should have a kill switch built in the client. When a network error occurs, resulting in a disconnected VPN torrent download will also stop, as the whole network connection for that machine will be disabled, requiring a person to reactivate it when he feels that he’s no longer exposed to IP interception.

VPNBaron Settings: One Click Kill Switch activation.

VPNBaron offers a Kill Switch feature that can be easily activated from the VPN Client Settings, like in the picture above.

It Goes Beyond for its users

When it comes to security and privacy, a little bit of redundancy goes a long way. That’s why we have created tutorials and guides on how to configure 3rd party apps and also take advantages of their security features.

We have published a guide on the VUZE BitTorrent client that shows how to constraint the torrent traffic to the VPN connection. This automatically stops the download or upload if the connection is lost.

Used on top of the previously mentioned Kill Switch feature of VPNBaron will guarantee that your identity will remain anonymous online.

You can see the VUZE guide here: 

VPNBaron is Torrent Friendly

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