iPhone and iPad VPN-on-Demand IKEV2

This is a step-by-step, video tutorial for seting up  VPN-on-Demand on your iOS device.

VPN-on-Demand allows your device to automatically connect to VPN every time the internet is used, and forces the device to stay connected to the VPN server even when changing networks. Basically, the device will stay connected to the VPN until the setting is disabled by the user.

It is a great way to stay secure on your mobile device, keeping the VPN connection alive while switching between wifi networks and mobile data.



Here are the steps that we followed in the video:

Step One –  Download the VPN Profile from your client area. 

While IKEV2 vpn can be set up manually, VPN-On-Demand can only be done via Apple Profiles .mobileconfig files.

Download the IKEV2 VPN Profiles from your service page : https://vpnbaron.com/members/clientarea.php?action=services 

NOTE: Downloading & Installing Apple Profiles works ONLY with SAFARI!

Select Manage Product on an active subscription


Select IKEV2 tab


Select the VPN location you want to use and click Download Profile


Step Two –  Install the VPN Profile on your device.

Tap Allow to proceed with the install
Enter your phone’s password, NOT the VPN password.


Tap Install to proceed.
Again, Tap install.


Here is where you enter your VPN username, and Password on the next page. You can see your VPN credentials in the client area, or in the email we sent. Do not use your email here.
After taping “Done” the VPN should come online.
Note the VPN text near the wifi icon. Feel free to check if the ip has changed by going to whatismyip.com


Step Three –  Turning off the VPN-On-Demand connection

As stated earlier, VPN-on-Demand will remain active until the setting is disabled. Disconnecting from the VPN will result in an instant reconnection  if the ON-Demand setting is still active.

To turn it of, go to Settings > VPN . Select the active VPN connection and toggle off the Connect on Demand option.

Select VPN from Settings


Tap on the active VPN connection


Toggle off the Connect On Demand option to disable the VPN. This will close the VPN connection and will not auto-connect until it is turned on again.

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