How to Connect to VPN on mac Automatically

We’ve created a script that downloads Tunnelblick and fetches all our servers for you.

1. To begin, press the download button
2. Open the downloaded folder, right click on “RunMe Installer“, select “Open With > Terminal
Virtual Private Network Install

3. Type your administrative password (the one used to log in when the computer boots)
admin pass osx

4. When tunnelblick asks for the config files, select “Quit”.
Tunnelblick menu 1

5. When the “New Feature” window pops up, click “Check for a change”
check for change, vpn

6. The script has added our config files and you’re ready to go! Click on tunneblick in your top right corner and select a server
Tunnelblick connect to vpn

7. As in step 3. , it might ask you for the admin password. After that, insert your VPNBaron password. Make sure to check “Save in Keychain” to store the credentials for future use.

Vpn tunnelblick credentials

For those that are interested in the manual version of the installation,  see How to Connect to VPN on mac Manually.



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