Windows Issue: TAP Windows adapters

Windows users might encounter the following  error message that suggests there is a problem with the TAP Adapter that is used by OpenVPN  on their Windows operating system: Wed Jul 06 15:33:40 2016 All TAP Windows adapters on this system are currently in use. Wed Jul 06 15:33:40 2016 Exiting due […]

Running VPN on Windows XP

Although XP is obsolete, there are still plenty of computers that use Microsoft’s most popular OS. How do I run OpenVPN on Windows XP? VPNBaron is designed for computers running Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, but  it is possible to run VPN on Windows XP. In order to […]

OSX Tunnelblick Uninstall / Reinstall

Reinstalling Tunnelblick might fix some generic issues caused by a number of factors.  Some of our users have noticed that sometimes when OSX updates, it messes up Tunnelblick. A simple reinstall should fix any errors that might be caused by the new version.  To do that, we need to get […]

How to watch Netflix using VPN

Starting with 2016 the video streaming service has blocked most VPN users from accessing it’s service. VPNBaron is one of the few services that is still dedicated to providing a Netflix vpn workaround. Netflix has an impressive catalog of films and TV series so it is understandable why it one of […]

Delete Cached Tunnelblick User

To update your Tunnelblick credentials, you first have to removed the old ones. This can be done following the steps bellow: 1. Go to Tunneblick VPN Details 2. Select the server location for which you want to delete the stored credentials. 3. Click on the server’s settings ( gear icon […]

WebRTC Leak (Only affects Windows)

OpenVPN is arguably one of the most secure protocols for VPN. It uses tunneling technology backed by very strong encryption that makes it real hard for anyone to intercept and decode the information. But some apps, although having the best intentions, might use other technologies that bypass the VPN adapter and […]

Setup VPN on Android

Public wifi is risky business! Every time we connect to the network from the Starbucks, McDonalds, etc, we may give away all our private data. This is a step-by-step, image tutorial for installing VPN on your android device. 1. Open Google PlayStore and install “Open VPN for Android” .   […]

iPhone and iPad VPN Guide OpenVPN

This is a step-by-step, video tutorial for installing VPN on your iOS device. Here are the steps that we followed in the video: Step One –  Install OpenVPN Connect Open the AppStore on your iOS device.  Search for OpenVPN Connect and install it. Step Two — Download our VPN config files on your iOS […]

How to setup vpn on Linux

Linux systems can run with or without GUI (Graphical Users Interface). In this guide, we’re going to address both methods on a Ubuntu system and walk you through all the steps for connecting to our VPN servie. Regardless of your linux distribution, the steps are the same, with the exception […]

OSX Manual VPN Connection

This guide shows you how to configure your VPN on Mac OS using the Tunnelblick client. 1. Download and install the latest stable version of Tunnelblick: 2. Go to our config page and download all the servers you want to use: 3. Browse to the downloaded items, select […]