OSX Manual VPN Connection

This guide shows you how to configure your VPN on Mac OS using the Tunnelblick client.

1. Download and install the latest stable version of Tunnelblick: https://tunnelblick.net/downloads.html
2. Go to our config page and download all the servers you want to use: https://vpnbaron.com/members/downloads.php?a=config
3. Browse to the downloaded items, select them all, Right Click, Open With > Tunnelblick
4. The script has added our config files and you’re ready to go! Click on tunneblick in your top right corner and select a server

Tunnelblick connect to vpn

5. It might ask you for the admin password. After that, insert your VPNBaron password. Make sure to check “Save in Keychain” to store the credentials for future use.

For the install via script version check out our article How to Connect to VPN on mac Automatically.


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