DD-WRT Router VPN Setup tutorial

Access your router by opening
After login in with your router user and password, go to:

1. Administration

Commands and add this script. Make sure to replace the dummy text with your actual vpn user and password.

touch /tmp/auth.conf
echo "MY_VPNBARON_USER" > /tmp/auth.conf
echo "MY_VPNBARON_PASSWORD" >> /tmp/auth.conf

2. Save Startup

3. Set the DNS:

1. Go to the Setup tab and click the Basic Setup sub-tab.
2. In the Network Address Server Settings (DHCP) section, fill in Static DNS 1 and Static DNS 2 with your desired DNS servers.
Suggested DNS server addresses:
* Google DNS: and
* OpenDNS: and

Now, we’re ready to setup the OpenVPN client on your dd-wrt router:
1. Go to Services > VPN
2. Check Enable on Start OpenVpn Client


Server Name: us1.vpnbaron.com ( see full list of server here: https://vpnbaron.com/members/downloads.php?a=config )

Port: 3994 – for UDP , 1443 TCP

Protocol UDP / TCP (we recommend UDP)

Tunnel Device: Tun

Encryption Cipher: AES-256-CBC

Hash Algorithm: SHA512

nsCertType verification: CHECKED

Advanced Options: Enabled

TLS Cipher: none

LZO compression: Adaptive

NAT: Enabled

Firewall: disabled

IP Address: empty

Subnet mask: empty

Tunnel MTU setting : 1500

Tunnel UDP Fragment: empty

Tunel UDP MSS-Fix Disable

Now, its time to add the Certificates: download and extract https://vpnbaron.com/dl/certs.zip

TLS Auth Key:  open in notepad TA.KEY and copy\paste the content of the file in this field

Additional Config : 

script-security 2auth-user-pass "/tmp/auth.conf"log /tmp/openvpn.log

CA cert:  open in notepad CA.crt and copy\paste the content of the file in this field

Now, Click Save, then Apply Settings, and a do a router reboot for good meseaure.

How the settings should look:
dd-wrt setup guide vpn




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