How to flush the DNS cache

Errors like  ‘web site not found” or not being able to view pages that have changed might be related to DNS issues in Microsoft Windows.

A site’s IP address might change and if the DNS server directs you to the old IP, then your computer cannot access the site’s new address. Therefore flushing  DNS cache data reestablishes the connections between the browser, DNS server and site.

Clear local cache on windows:

  1. Press the window key.
  2. Type “cmd.exe” into the search bar.
    cmd administrator
  3. Run the command
     ipconfig -flushdns 

Clear local dns cache on OSX:

  1.  Open a Terminal instance.
  2.  Run this command :
     sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder 

These steps should resolve the internal IP address conflict your DNS was facing and all should run smoothly now.

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